"Despite Yourself," "The Wolf Inside," "Vaulting Ambition," and "What is Past is Prologue" During the break between seasons of Star Trek: Discovery...View Details

"In a Mirror Darkly" During the break between seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, Moms Going Boldly explores Star Trek episodes with ties to the Mir...View Details

"The Tholian Web" During the break between seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, Moms Going Boldly explores Star Trek episodes with ties to the Mirror Uni...View Details

Medals for Everyone!

"Will You Take My Hand" In this final episode of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, all of the major plot lines are wrapped up (because the wri...View Details

"The War Without and the War Within"   The U.S.S. Discovery is back in its own universe, and things are a mess. The Klingons control most of Federati...View Details

"What's Past is Prologue"  Lorca's coup against the Emperor is going full force, but for him it's really all about Burnham in a creepy, sad sort of ...View Details

What happens when you make a movie about Star Trek and autism? Moms Going Boldly will review it of course! Join Elizabeth and Vickie as we talk about ...View Details

The Emperor to the left of her, Kelpiens to the right, Burnham is stuck in the middle with us. Stamets meanders through the maze of his comatose reali...View Details

The Wolf Inside" Voq is back, Georgiou is back, Tilly kills Stamets, and Lorca is smirking. On the edge of our seats and keeping us up all night, thi...View Details

"Despite Yourself" As we open the second half of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, Vickie and Elizabeth are left stunned by an episode that is...View Details

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