S3E8 Surrender Dorothy

Star Trek Discovery

Season 3 Episode 8

The Sanctuary


Discovery jumps to Kwejian to help Book save his brother from ‘the wicked” Osyraa, which turns out to be a trap.

Tilly uses her first officer “brain” to find a loophole around the non-interference order given by Vance, to help save Michael and Book from Osyraa's attack.

The universe (and Osyraa) must deal with Detmer when she finds her “courage”.

Ryn who seems to have a soft spot in this “heart” for Tilly, shares his secret with her.


Moms Going Boldly is two moms who are Star Trek fans and who also happen to have children on the autism spectrum, talking about the new Star Trek: Discovery television series. We make comparisons to the older series, the movies, and throw in a little bit of autism when we see it. It's not polished, it won't come out regularly but we're having fun!

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