The Airiam Misdirect

Star Trek: Discovery - "The Red Angel"  We like this one, a lot. We have been misdirected again, and again, in the last couple of episodes and we li...View Details

Admiral Facepalm

Star Trek: Discovery - "Project Daedalus"  Vickie and Elizabeth have different opinions on this episode, though both agree the fabulous fancy flying...View Details

Yeah, the Beard Works

Star Trek: Discovery - "If Memory Serves"    If you have not seen the original series pilot episode "The Cage," stop now, run, don't walk, and go w...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Light & Shadows"  Oh look, it's Spock. Finally. Still no answers on the red angel thing and we're starting to yawn. But ...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "The Sounds of Thunder"  We are intrigued by this story - could Saru's species undergo a fascinating change that has resulted...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Saints of Imperfection"  A tale of loss and gain, this episode brings Dr. Culber back from the dead, but Tilly loses her "fr...View Details

Crossing the River Styx

Star Trek: Discovery - "An Obol for Charon"  Another great episode where Star Trek boldly takes on aspects of death and then, maybe less boldly, step...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "Point of Light" We both liked this episode a lot (even though the Michael-Amanda-Spock storyline bordered on soap opera-esque ...View Details

Star Trek: Discovery - "New Eden" 9.5 out of 10! We love this episode! It's a story that feels like the original series, complete with ethical questio...View Details

Oh, Brother

The U.S.S. Discovery is back, and so are we! After a significantly shorter haitus than expected, season two of Star Trek: Discovery launched with an ...View Details

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