"The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"

There's good news and bad news: Michael Burnham has a job again, but it's testing her ethics and not always in a good way. There's that "sciencing the sh*t out of this" that is at the heart of Star Trek, and science and morals issues - also very Trek. Plus, our Tilly fandom continues apace. It's Moms Going Boldly


Moms Going Boldly is two moms who are Star Trek fans and who also happen to write about autism, talking about the new Star Trek: Discovery television series. We make comparisons to the older series, the movies, and throw in a little bit of autism when we see it. It's not polished, it won't come out regularly but we're having fun!

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Music: "Without Limits" by Ross Bugden Music (Twitter @RossBugden) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (creativecommons.org).

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